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Meet Dr. Vivek Soham​

Dr Vivek Soham - chiropractor in san diego

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’ – Martin Luther King, Jr.

CEO/President of Nimbus Brain & Spine

Dr. Vivek Soham has dedicated his life to serving and has most notably embarked on the journey to help grow the Upper Cervical Sports Community, by providing solutions and protocols to a vital area being overlooked in the sports performance industry. A Doctor of Chiropractic, Masters in Neurophysiology and a bachelor’s in Human Sciences, his thirst for knowledge is undeniable. Dr. Soham is a serial innovator and doesn’t back down from a challenge, he take’s this passion to his projects to help find ways to better serve mankind

Meet Dr. Vivek Soham…

…When He’s Out of the Office

“I can never get enough of being outdoors and especially if I can get out to play a round of golf”

Dr. Soham has always had a passion for many sports and a list to long to write he says but will never say no to talking about his sharing the lessons he’s learned along his sporting career

Dr. Vivek Soham driving Golf ball
Dr. Vivek Soham Golf
Dr. Vivek Soham WINNING Golf